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Live final postponed
The live final of the Student Investor Challenge was scheduled to take place at the end of April. Due to Covid-19, and government guidelines on managing the outbreak, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the final until later in the year. This was not an easy decision to take, but students' wellbeing is paramount. All those taking part in the final will be updated as soon as possible.

Video Guides

Looking for guidance on how to invest in handy video format? You've come to the right place!

Note: These videos were recorded for the 2015/16 competition and as such may occasionally refer to certain rules being 'new this year' and contain images of previous branding. The primary content of the videos remains current.

Introduction and about the game

Find out more about the game and the prizes available.

Why play Student Investor Challenge?

Learn more about the benefits of playing and how it can be useful in your future life.

How to play Student Investor Challenge

This video will talk you through the key elements of the game including important rules to follow and jargon buster.

Strategy and top tips

This video will talk you through the key elements of the game including important rules to follow and a jargon buster.


So you're thinking of investing in gold? This video can help you to understand its characteristics and the factors which influence its price in the market.


Oil not only plays a huge part in our everyday lives, but also in the functioning of our economy. Find out the different ways you can invest in oil with this video.


There is more to investing in property than simply owning a portfolio of properties and renting them out. This video will help you understand how to invest in property through mutual funds such as a unit trust or an open ended investment company.


How do you invest in commodities like corn, live cattle and frozen pork bellies? What are the main factors affecting the commodity market? If you're thinking about adding commodities to your investment portfolio, this video is for you.


If you're considering investing in equities, or shares, this video will help you to understand the potential return on your investment and the elements of risk involved.

Fixed Income

What are the differences between a company and a government bond? And what are the levels of risks associated when investing? Watch this video to find out.


You will be trading within the financial marketplace, whether it be through shares, exchange traded funds or mutual funds. This video will give you an introduction to these concepts along with the factors affecting financial markets.

What it is like to reach a live final

Take a look to see what you can expect from a live final in the City of London.