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Amplify ReTrader App

How would you trade today's major market moves? Would you have bought gold when Trump was elected? How does the British pound respond to a change in interest rates? What impact does OPEC have on oil? ReTrader recreates some of the most important market events of our time using real news and real data.

About ReTrader

The way markets move in response to changing events can be very different to what may be expected, and the way a trader manages their risk within such uncertainty can be a key differentiator of performance.

ReTrader recreates some of the most important market events of our time using real news and real data.

Once you have registered as part of a team for the Student Investor Challenge, why not have a go on your own to see how you would have performed in some of the most exciting market conditions? Extra prizes are up for grabs.

You will be asked to engage with economic, financial and geo-political events from a range of different asset class perspectives. With ReTrader you have a way to PLAY the financial times in which we live.

Remember, you are not playing as a team in this challenge.

How to play

Each event starts with a video preview from Amplify's London trading floor, helping you to understand the significance of the event you are about to trade. Then as the prices start to move, you must decide whether the breaking news means your asset will move higher (BUY) or lower (SELL). You manage your trading size and risk during intense market volatility as you experience the monetary consequence of your trading decisions.

We learn the most when we make mistakes – after the market activity there is a video review from Amplify's senior strategist to explain why the market moved in the way that it did.

Register, install and login

  1. Registration for ReTrader closed on 12 October 2018.
  2. Once you have registered for the game, we'll send you your log-in and user name within a few days.
  3. Simply download the ReTrader app onto your phone. Select your type of device below or search for ReTrader in the App Store or on Google Play.
    DOwnload on the App Store   Get it on Google Play


Practice round: 17 September 2018 - 12 October 2018

  1. Once you are registered and logged into the app using the log in details we have emailed to you, go to The London Institute of Banking folder and first play the tutorial game to learn how to use the app. When you are ready, you can start practising on the other games available in the LIBF folder.
  2. Each game begins with a market preview. Make sure to take as many notes as you can as the information will be key to your in-game performance.
  3. The game begins and prices move – look out for the news and try to profit as much as you can from your market understanding.
  4. After each game, you will be shown a video review to explain why what happened, happened!

You will see your score on a leaderboard, but this is just the practice period so prizes are not on offer during this time. Simply enjoy the games and try and learn as much as you can! All games will be removed from this folder at midnight on 12 October 2018.

Competition rounds

During the competition rounds the ReTrader game will be posted into the folder every Wednesday at 9.00am and removed every Friday at midnight. Each round therefore will comprise of four ReTrader opportunities and there will be 12 ReTraders to complete in all.

The games will be live for that day only, and the games can be randomised, so you don't know which of the four scenarios you will be playing. After each game you will be able to see on the leaderboard how you have performed against other students that have completed the same event.

The focus here is on education; new financial concepts will be introduced as students move through the rounds. The scores are intended to give a competitive edge to the learning journey.

At midnight each Friday, the current game will be removed and all scores will be recorded towards your overall performance for that round.


At the end of each round the top performing student will receive £50. The overall winner will receive a sponsored place on the Amplify City Prep programme.

Continued learning and development

Once the game has finished, that does not mean you stop learning about today's financial markets. Amplify will re-post all the competition games into the folder and periodically add new games to ensure you continue your learning journey throughout the entire duration of the competition.


For questions and queries about ReTrader please contact

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