Semi-finalists – South West England and South Wales

The teams who have qualified for the semi-finals of the Student Investor Challenge are listed below. The teams are listed in alphabetical order by team name. The qualification criteria for the semi-finals can be seen here.

The semi-finals take the form of a four week online challenge on this website running from Monday 20 February 2017 to Friday 17 March 2017. Read all about the semi-finals here.

You can see the latest semi-finals league table here or see the full list of final standings for the first phase of the Student Investor Challenge here.


Team School How Qualified Final Rank in Combined League
!Stratton OakmontKing Alfred's School WestJAN771
.Basic.All Saints Catholic School and Technology CollegeCP136
1 share = 1 PrayerColyton Grammar SchoolCP48
10LHS-team1Monkseaton Community High SchoolJAN2545
12Bus2Pembroke School/ Ysgol PenfroAIP439
2Big2FailThe Perse SchoolCP248
3 girls 1 boyWyggeston and Queen Elizabeth I CollegeAIP2125
A.S.A.D.ABuxton SchoolCP110
Account AntsColyton Grammar SchoolSIP709
Ace of TradersChellaston AcademySIP1124
AcornsHartpury CollegeSIP1247
Affect yourselfLincoln Minster SchoolSIP917
Alberto & Co.King Edwards SchoolCP257
Alec can smell youSt Laurence SchoolCP202
Alfie is CoolSir Thomas Picton SchoolAIP1340
Alhedronious School of ArtKing Alfred SchoolCP267
ALIANHSThe Norwich High School for GirlsSIP929
Anakin SharewalkerChepstow SchoolCP262
Angel TigersCity & Islington CollegeJAN627
Apollo11North London Collegiate SchoolSIP713
Apple-PiSt Bede's Catholic High SchoolCP82
Arran's AngelsForrester High SchoolSIP1409
¿Qué hora és?Ardingly CollegeAIP406
B-Tech LtdGateshead CollegeAIP2040
B.I.G PlcAylesbury Grammar SchoolCP50
B@llersDean Close SchoolCP198
Back hand dealersThe Sandon SchoolAIP832
Badenoch BankersKingussie High SchoolJAN660
Baldacci FundKing Edward VII Lower SchoolCP290
Balloon BrigadeReading SchoolCP111
BananasCity of London Freemens' SchoolCP258
BankruptThe Priory SchoolJAN4361
BARE P’$Dean Close SchoolCP141
Bare QEHS BrainsThe Queen Elizabeth's High SchoolCP271
Bateman BullsThe Perse SchoolCP181
BB TeamGlenthorne High SchoolCP23
bbecadamandcoButtershaw Business and Enterprise CollegeSIP1303
bbecellisandcoButtershaw Business and Enterprise CollegeSIP605
bbecjoeandcoButtershaw Business and Enterprise CollegeSIP2135
BBK2016St Peter's RC High School and Sixth Form CentreAIP1323
Bear HugThe Priory SchoolCP292
Belfort's prodigiesAshmole AcademyCP32
Benjamin FinancialRipon Grammar SchoolAIP1614
Bhav and ChrisHoward of Effingham SchoolAIP1356
bigearthMaltings AcademyAIP1086
Bit ConnedBishop Wordsworth's Grammar SchoolCP118
Black TigersAylesbury Grammar SchoolCP270
BlairInvestmentsDr Challoners Grammar SchoolAIP414
Blandoone SchrandooneSt Laurence SchoolAIP338
Blank InvestorsCheltenham Bournside School and Sixth Form CentreAIP843
Blood Sweat and SharesRathmore Grammar SchoolCP144
Blue WolfCardinal Newman Catholic School A Specialist Science CollegeJAN1230
Bocc ExchangeDartford Grammar SchoolCP185
BOND GIRLSSt Mary's SchoolSIP356
Boring Name 1Queen Elizabeth Grammar SchoolSIP375
Boring Team Name 10Colchester Royal Grammar SchoolSIP2421
BP StocksColyton Grammar SchoolAIP1366
Brabus BrokersWest Derby SchoolSIP1988
BrainBoxChew Valley SchoolJAN768
Brainy QuadsBroadland High SchoolAIP3406
BrokerBuddiesJames Gillespie's High SchoolCP236
Brook CourtersDean Close SchoolCP7
BTECY2G1Sir George Monoux CollegeSIP432
Bull Market BunchHarrow SchoolCP114
Bulls of Steel.Oundle SchoolSIP422
BurntToastBaxter Business & Enterprise CollegeAIP597
Business BoffinsQueen Elizabeth Sixth Form CollegeAIP2595
Business Bros.Impington Village CollegeJAN1330
Business is BoominChrist's HospitalCP62
Business2016George Abbot SchoolCP264
BusinessMcBusinessFaceFrensham Heights SchoolCP129
Butter_StocksBurford SchoolSIP497
C & CoAll Saints Catholic School and Technology CollegeCP77
C Men Making MoneyRadley CollegeCP169
C.R.E.A.M.New College StamfordSIP1251
Cadeigh & EmilyHarrytown Catholic High SchoolJAN2606
CakeNY17George Abbot SchoolJAN582
California OrangesGeorge Abbot SchoolCP273
Canaries of WharfGildredge HouseCP255
Canary CoinsThe Priory SchoolAIP1835
CapacityThe Priory SchoolCP239
Capital EdgeGlenlola Collegiate SchoolAIP1618
Celestial AuroraKettering Buccleuch AcademySIP2516
CFC EnterpriseWest Calder High SchoolAIP313
Charters InvestmentCharters SchoolCP12
Chasing FailureHessle High SchoolSIP3358
CheckmateLowestoft CollegeCP59
Cheeky BoysThe Priory LSSTCP246
CHIVS FCQueen Elizabeth's Grammar School FavershamCP207
ChromosNorth London Collegiate SchoolSIP604
CluelessPeter Symonds CollegeCP215
Communist partyAltrincham Boys Grammar SchoolSIP912
Conflict of InterestLoughborough Grammar SchoolCP224
conormctraderSt John's SchoolSIP679
Cool TradersNottingham High SchoolSIP1696
Cream CheeseBoroughmuir High SchoolCP281
CreditCrunchKing Edward's School, BirminghamCP161
Cross HouseRepton SchoolCP96
CSCM TradingThe Ashcombe SchoolCP85
Cuckoo Investment ClubHarrow SchoolCP45
DabForEcobusNew Hall SchoolCP60
DaddiExpressNorth London Collegiate SchoolCP261
Daniel's Dodgy DealersThe Perse SchoolCP265
DATBOISouthgate SchoolCP238
Day After TomorrowKing Edward's School, BirminghamCP170
Deez nutsBournemouth SchoolCP83
DHS Open EveningDiss High SchoolSIP1606
Diamond dollarsAshmole AcademyCP167
Diamond EndeavourEF International Academy TorbayCP210
DLG BoisWymondham CollegeJAN306
Don'tBegItMorpeth SchoolJAN1352
Dragon Slaying Nacho FairiesHills Road Sixth Form CollegeJAN1390
DrumpfKings SchoolCP30
DufferzBishop Wordsworth's Grammar SchoolCP204
Dwayne 'The Stock' JohnsonBarnsley CollegeSIP1199
DynamicsSouth Hampstead High SchoolAIP365
EaglesBlackheath High SchoolCP242
Eat, Sleep, Trade, RepeatHymers CollegeCP63
econ 305Alleyn's SchoolCP180
Economic BoomSt Mary's SchoolSIP984
EconomicsRUsLoughborough Grammar SchoolCP251
EconPlusDalTadcaster Grammar SchoolAIP2526
Electric stockKing Edward VI School SouthamptonCP203
ELEMONATORSDe La Salle SchoolJAN3338
Elite PenricePenrice Community CollegeCP223
Elliot's TeamRiddlesdown High SchoolSIP388
Emma and CoBishop Burton CollegeSIP1664
EnteriftsBitterne Park SchoolCP54
Eric's Little BoysPate's Grammar SchoolCP252
Evil CorpAll Saints Catholic School and Technology CollegeAIP2977
Executive AuthorityHills Road Sixth Form CollegeCP172
Exeter StarsExeter CollegeCP21
Extraordinary LMSLady Margaret SchoolAIP2082
e_LEMON-atorsUpton Court Grammar SchoolAIP1187
Fair trade is the only tradeRavens Wood SchoolCP135
Famous 4Richmond-upon-Thames CollegeCP188
ffion valentineThe Red Maids SchoolCP300
FiatchickentaDe La Salle SchoolAIP3240
Four Leaf CloverFrome CollegeSIP1262
Four lionsLoughborough Grammar SchoolJAN3494
Foxes of AckworthAckworth SchoolSIP553
Free RiderzSt Paul's SchoolCP67
FreshCressThe King's School, GranthamCP195
Frisky BusinessOutwood Academy NewboldAIP727
FTSE FriendsTring SchoolSIP400
Full Time Student EatersLowestoft CollegeCP294
GamblePate's Grammar SchoolAIP613
GBR2016Woolwich Polytechnic SchoolCP109
GeofffKing Edward VI School SouthamptonCP122
George & Co.West Bridgford SchoolCP70
George and DanCollingwood CollegeAIP3436
GG Investing FirmTiffin SchoolCP108
Ginger NutsIdsall SchoolCP139
Global EconomistsReading SchoolCP153
Godders and Jonesy LTDLydiard Park AcademyCP103
Gods of the Stock ExchangeSir Thomas Picton SchoolCP28
Going for goldRavens Wood SchoolCP177
Gold Diggers uniteSevenoaks SchoolCP41
GoonSquadCity of London SchoolAIP987
Gordon GeckoAshmole AcademyCP2
greeno and coSt Laurence SchoolCP194
gtfo16St John's SchoolCP107
Hairy CyclersBallyclare High SchoolSIP548
Haramb3The Bishop's Stortford High SchoolJAN808
Harambe Lives OnBoston Grammar SchoolCP199
Hargreave LadsdownCongleton High SchoolCP20
Hargreave LadsupCongleton High SchoolCP225
Harr'y Mafia CartelCheltenham Bournside School and Sixth Form CentreCP197
Harry and JackIdsall SchoolSIP1853
He who shares winsWarwick SchoolCP157
Hedge-hogsSt Paul's SchoolCP191
HedgerowsBishop Wordsworth's Grammar SchoolCP148
Helios HoldingsAlleyn's SchoolCP293
Henry the Money HooverLoretto SchoolJAN346
highlands collegeHighlands CollegeSIP359
Hillary ClintonHessle High SchoolCP134
HkaDaPenguinsAltrincham Boys Grammar SchoolSIP332
HTLF01King Alfred's School WestCP116
Hugh Mungus InvestmentsQueen Elizabeths Boys SchoolAIP392
HughrambeFrensham Heights SchoolSIP3313
HX Capital ManagementHall Cross AcademyCP15
I can't bear thisThe Priory SchoolAIP738
I don't knowChrist The King CollegeCP91
IgnitionWatford Grammar School for GirlsJAN3809
IHeartEconKing Edward VI School SouthamptonJAN1479
illuminateinvestmentsSt John's SchoolAIP1284
In the money!Stonelaw High SchoolCP49
In to WinHayes SchoolCP61
Init for the moneyLambeth AcademySIP1770
INSIGNIABallyclare High SchoolAIP2146
Inter UrnanBurford SchoolSIP482
InTimeBexley Grammar SchoolCP179
Inv.estDavenant Foundation SchoolCP233
InvesmentTeamDr Challoners Grammar SchoolCP34
InvestarsAshmole AcademyCP280
Invested DevelopmentHind Leys Community CollegeAIP1923
INVESTigateThe King's SchoolCP113
INVESTigatorsComberton Village CollegeCP57
Investment Team 1Wellsway SchoolSIP424
InvestophilesHighgate SchoolCP131
InvestorCentreThe Leigh AcademyAIP1890
InvestorsAlton CollegeCP192
Investorstudent01The Priory SchoolCP217
Ipswich School InvestorsIpswich SchoolCP200
JALK99Ballyclare High SchoolJAN449
Jarvis, Hassel & AmosuJames Allen's Girls' SchoolJAN555
jaspers good teamColfes SchoolCP165
JAWS12Reading SchoolAIP431
Jay and his matesGeorge Abbot SchoolAIP318
JAYGOBANKSCity of London SchoolSIP513
JH LtdMarlborough CollegeSIP1105
Jolly JellyBromsgrove SchoolCP156
JonesyThe Red Maids SchoolCP90
Jono's BoysPeter Symonds CollegeCP256
Just One CorlettoRamsey Grammar SchoolSIP1210
KaugummiThe Bedford Sixth FormCP234
KEEGAACity of London Freemens' SchoolSIP435
Kelvin IncoporatedRamsey Grammar SchoolCP88
KESstratford5King Edward VI SchoolSIP440
Kiki HitomiRipley St Thomas Church of England AcademyCP138
Kingdown AWarminster KingdownCP155
Ladies IncorporatedSt Peter's RC High School and Sixth Form CentreAIP516
LEEN onBallyclare High SchoolAIP637
Let's Get FiscalTonbridge SchoolAIP953
LethargyNew Hall SchoolCP64
LightbulbsThe Thomas Hardye SchoolCP229
like a bossThe Priory SchoolAIP2976
LimitlessAshmole AcademySIP717
Litt AssociatesMenorah Grammar SchoolJAN948
Loan TraderVerulam SchoolSIP1056
Los BanjosSt Francis Xavier's CollegeSIP2230
LosingInterestSt Paul's SchoolCP228
LTFJ4 JuddThe Judd SchoolCP244
Lux et UmbraWightwick Hall SchoolSIP1498
MAAK CorporationOutwood Academy NewboldSIP344
Makin'MoneyDr Challoners Grammar SchoolSIP992
Mark CarnageBoston Grammar SchoolCP269
Market ManipulationShrewsbury SchoolJAN739
MarketmenLutterworth CollegeSIP711
marxoxoWinstanley CollegeCP120
Mason noiseSaint Martin's SchoolCP66
MathmindtitionHills Road Sixth Form CollegeCP97
MCKLAURENCarnoustie High SchoolAIP3175
McNulty's MinionsSt Laurence SchoolCP183
MecanomicsDr Challoners Grammar SchoolCP22
Mela 2K03Preston SchoolSIP1521
Meme NationUffculme SchoolAIP1777
MessyMen69Altrincham Boys Grammar SchoolSIP1590
Metro's BoomersCampion SchoolCP126
Mickey MouseRead SchoolJAN5768
Mighty Morphin Stock XchangersMill Hill County High SchoolCP72
Minions£££King Edward's School, BirminghamCP132
MMM CAP'NRathmore Grammar SchoolAIP526
Money LeechesHills Road Sixth Form CollegeCP14
Money MindThe Grammar School at LeedsAIP368
Money MorgueOxted SchoolCP250
money1Saint Benedict Catholic School and Performing Arts CollegeAIP2329
MoneygurusRusSir Henry Floyd Grammar School and Performing Arts CollegeSIP915
Mr LittleCockburn SchoolCP25
Mungus IncCollingwood CollegeCP249
Net GainsKingsbury High SchoolCP106
New Kids on the StockWootton Academy TrustAIP831
Next StepKingsmead Community SchoolAIP1197
NFS SquadWestcliff High School for BoysJAN396
No HopersBroadland High SchoolSIP760
No money, no honeyEton CollegeSIP301
Nobel­iumAshmole AcademyJAN2052
NoNameMelton Vale Post 16 CentreSIP1142
Not So Boring BusinessOutwood Academy NewboldCP160
Nothing Out of the OrdinarySt Paul's SchoolSIP1928
Oakwood 1Oakwood Park Grammar SchoolCP216
Oliver MillardMillfield SchoolJAN1414
one armyKing Alfred's School WestAIP490
OPG MoskvichiThe Oratory SchoolCP55
ORA InvestmentClaires Court SchoolsCP81
Osborne's BoisDavenant Foundation SchoolCP86
Patchy CabbageThe Queen Elizabeth's High SchoolAIP1416
Peaky tradersSt Paul's SchoolCP98
PendulumStowmarket High SchoolCP247
PepsiCoCheadle Hulme SchoolCP212
PharoahAylesbury Grammar SchoolCP206
PHBT_InvestorsThomas Mills High SchoolCP78
Piggy's BrewThomas Mills High SchoolCP259
PineappleGraveney SchoolCP142
Playing FTSEBishop Wordsworth's Grammar SchoolJAN1783
Poets SocietyMillfield SchoolCP16
Pretentious ArkHighgate SchoolCP147
pretty puppies xoxPeter Symonds CollegeCP3
Prime InvestorsCockburn SchoolSIP329
Pro SharesYsgol Y BerwynAIP1704
Profectus InvestmentsThe Grammar School at LeedsSIP867
Profit for daysKettering Buccleuch AcademyAIP1442
ProfiteersBishop Wordsworth's Grammar SchoolCP69
PROJECT MESHJewish Free SchoolCP260
ProspectsUpton Court Grammar SchoolCP68
PS10TEAM4Oaklands Catholic SchoolSIP1503
PWPS2016Cockburn SchoolCP285
QEHS GoalThe Queen Elizabeth's High SchoolCP143
R W Memorial FoundationBishop Luffa Church of England School, ChichesterCP146
R WestyBishop Luffa Church of England School, ChichesterCP40
Rabka Uhalla LtdQueen Elizabeths Boys SchoolSIP1507
RAGS plcSouth Wilts Grammar School for GirlsCP73
RaijksydDe La Salle SchoolAIP819
ReciprocalWatford Grammar School for GirlsCP174
RED PANDALatymer Upper SchoolJAN680
red100Stantonbury CampusCP152
RGSHW10The Royal Grammar School, High WycombeAIP1167
RGSHW12The Royal Grammar School, High WycombeSIP1006
Rhodes RemoveArdingly CollegeSIP1293
Rhys' RidersSir Thomas Picton SchoolAIP1471
Rising StocksWaddesdon Church of England SchoolJAN2675
Riskay BusinessDulwich CollegeJAN790
ritzyspider3Maltings AcademyAIP2531
Rock Hard StocksHills Road Sixth Form CollegeCP187
RockfieldElizabeth CollegeCP282
Romantic RulersComberton Village CollegeAIP1320
Rossall RoadmenRossall SchoolJAN2252
Roy's BoyzPenrice Community CollegeJAN2826
S.A.B.E.R.The Netherhall SchoolSIP2458
SaranasasaabReading SchoolCP26
Sassy FoodsFarlingaye High SchoolSIP725
SBInvestorsSouthend High School for GirlsAIP1721
SBS InvestorsClaires Court SchoolsCP186
School of StockAltrincham Boys Grammar SchoolSIP441
Scouff UnitedSir Thomas Picton SchoolAIP839
section boysBramfield House SchoolAIP2556
Senior and King InvestorsExeter CollegeAIP416
SequiturOutwood Academy PortlandCP84
Seven OakmontSevenoaks SchoolCP297
ShadowWinstanley CollegeCP58
Sham FamLancaster Royal Grammar SchoolCP189
Share dropsThe Ladies CollegeAIP666
Share LloydBoston Grammar SchoolCP102
Shares 4 CashOutwood Academy PortlandSIP748
Shares Before YouAberdeen Grammar SchoolAIP326
Short ShortsPeter Symonds CollegeAIP2616
SixPathsAshmole AcademySIP776
Slaves for TradeAltrincham Boys Grammar SchoolAIP2463
Sleep EWarwick SchoolCP220
SmartGen TradingThe Queen Elizabeth's High SchoolCP182
Smelly Old StockIsambard Community SchoolCP218
Smoking PenguinsQueen Elizabeths Boys SchoolCP119
SooperHomewood School and Sixth Form CentreCP121
spaceraidersCockburn SchoolJAN1080
Springfield1Springfield SchoolAIP783
SSMDMOKSevenoaks SchoolCP190
STCBS INVESTigatorsSt Columba's Catholic Boys' SchoolAIP1224
Stick It In Your AssetsIdsall SchoolSIP646
Stock Scott and the bimbosBolsover SchoolCP56
StockchangersWatford Grammar School for GirlsSIP2119
Stocks and StonesChrist's HospitalCP18
Stocks&ScaresMerchiston Castle SchoolAIP1501
stocktor whoCirencester CollegeCP263
StolenCity & Islington CollegeAIP770
Strantent OakmontBishop's Stortford CollegeAIP1432
StratagemTrinity School CroydonSIP995
Stratton MontSt Gregory's Catholic Comprehensive SchoolAIP448
Stratton Oakmont InvestorsDiss High SchoolSIP587
Stratton Oakmont1St Paul's SchoolCP39
Stratton OakmountHounsdown SchoolCP115
StrattonOakmontGeorge Abbot SchoolCP94
SummitKing Edward VI Five Ways SchoolSIP493
Supply Your DemandMill Hill County High SchoolCP231
Supreme_NYCImpington Village CollegeCP277
T MoneyAlleyn's SchoolSIP1365
T.M.T.Repton SchoolCP125
Team $plash €ashQueen Elizabeths Boys SchoolJAN2100
Team 1Bishop Wordsworth's Grammar SchoolSIP3195
Team 10EWestcliff High School for BoysCP140
Team 4xThe Perse SchoolCP240
Team 5Sir William Borlase's Grammar SchoolSIP391
Team FailureBroadland High SchoolAIP507
Team GMGCardinal Newman Catholic School A Specialist Science CollegeCP104
Team JJRWPonteland Community High SchoolJAN767
Team KMCLElgin High SchoolSIP699
Team KudosWyggeston and Queen Elizabeth I CollegeCP87
Team Lehman BrothersSt Paul's SchoolAIP1447
Team MoWindsor High SchoolCP175
Team MTCoThe Blue Coat SchoolJAN3610
Team Paper MakerNottingham High SchoolSIP1003
Team RAPSSWestcliff High School for BoysCP205
Team satisfactionAlperton Community SchoolJAN3541
Team YOLOMoreton Hall SchoolSIP322
TeamAARAPate's Grammar SchoolJAN2380
TeamAllInThe King's SchoolCP196
teambingoKing Alfred SchoolCP43
TeamDMLancaster Royal Grammar SchoolAIP3308
TeamworkThe Priory SchoolSIP815
Teenage Mutant Ninja TradersCity of London Freemens' SchoolCP75
Tenzai PortfolioCity of London SchoolCP209
Tesco ValueSir Thomas Picton SchoolJAN3527
ThatboiwhosharesThe Priory SchoolAIP1234
The 1929Queen Elizabeths Boys SchoolCP130
The A ListersPeter Symonds CollegeCP211
The BasementBishop Wordsworth's Grammar SchoolCP29
The BayesColyton Grammar SchoolJAN2448
The BelieversHelsby High SchoolAIP2311
The Big OWinstanley CollegeAIP3228
The Brainy FoolsThe King's School ElyCP124
The BullsStrathallan SchoolCP92
The CartelsThe Judd SchoolCP51
The Chicken NuggetsMelton Vale Post 16 CentreCP214
The CodfatherThe Crossley Heath SchoolCP149
The DragonsFfynone House SchoolJAN3085
The Empire INCOutwood Academy NewboldCP243
The GervingsBallyclare High SchoolCP237
The Gregg School 1The Gregg SchoolAIP1382
THE HMBA EFFECTCheadle Hulme SchoolCP5
The InvestigatorsSt John Rigby RC Sixth Form CollegeCP76
The Investing MachineEton CollegeAIP2053
The Italian JobMillfield SchoolCP112
The Jedi NinjasJames Allen's Girls' SchoolCP11
The JMAJsDauntsey's SchoolSIP390
The Loan StarksTrent CollegeSIP1254
The London Sock ExchangeCheltenham Bournside School and Sixth Form CentreAIP469
The MaraudersShipston High SchoolAIP3209
The Men of many moneysAdams' Grammar SchoolCP74
The Mighty MidgetsBishop Burton CollegeCP137
The Money IllusionistsThe Bedford Sixth FormCP35
The Muggins BrothersMill Hill County High SchoolCP117
The MumplesMagdalen College SchoolCP100
The OligopolistsColyton Grammar SchoolCP27
The OpportunistsSt Peters SchoolAIP864
The re-sitsRamsey Grammar SchoolSIP1019
The Rogue TradersCongleton High SchoolCP230
The Royal PoloOutwood Academy PortlandCP159
The RuntsReading SchoolCP1
The ScammersGumley House RC Convent School, FCJCP24
The SnowmenBournemouth SchoolCP105
the sunjiefsLitherland High SchoolAIP2336
The Underdogs JuddThe Judd SchoolSIP705
The WaddlersThe Priory LSSTCP286
The Wilf of Wall Street and CoGildredge HouseSIP1466
The Wolf's of Wall StreetThe Heathland SchoolCP245
The Wolves of A6Thirsk School & Sixth Form CollegeSIP691
The Wolves of Durham SchoolDurham SchoolSIP307
The Wolves of Market StreetThe Manchester Grammar SchoolCP164
The Wolves of QMGSQueen Mary's Grammar SchoolCP275
The Wolves of StreetMillfield SchoolJAN5781
The Wolves of Swarkestone RoadChellaston AcademyAIP847
TheRegimeThe King's SchoolJAN4050
TheRothschildrenTiffin SchoolCP150
They See Me Stockin'Pate's Grammar SchoolCP272
Thorpus and coAltrincham Boys Grammar SchoolAIP427
TIIACCCheadle Hulme SchoolCP226
TimvestmentDenefield SchoolAIP504
TJays1Cramlington Learning VillageAIP2819
Tracksuit mafiaTruro SchoolSIP623
Trump IndustriesCampion SchoolCP219
tutor2meTadcaster Grammar SchoolCP296
TwinkleToesFoxford School and Community Arts CollegeJAN704
Ultimate InvestorsConcord CollegeAIP779
Undefined HookCokethorpe SchoolSIP809
VanquishShrewsbury Sixth Form CollegeSIP473
Vasileios enterpriseAshmole AcademyCP266
Vertigo OGWatford Grammar School for GirlsSIP589
Very secretAylesbury High SchoolSIP695
Victorious SharesThe Priory SchoolCP232
VOMG123Southgate SchoolCP71
VSGSDERPeter Symonds CollegeAIP2600
Wall Street EliteNorth London Collegiate SchoolCP133
Wall Street GerbilsThe Ladies CollegeCP80
Wall Street WanderersLongridge Towers SchoolCP44
Wallers Making DollarsThe Priory LSSTAIP715
wallstreetSheffield CollegeSIP529
Wallstreet WarriorsChristleton High SchoolCP268
wallstreetcrashSacred Heart Roman Catholic Comprehensive SchoolCP151
Warren all-you-can-eat BuffettEton CollegeCP201
Warren Buffet WannabesSt Paul's SchoolCP299
WarriorsHamilton Community CollegeJAN3271
WE ARE SO FUNNYBrighton CollegeCP171
We Own Your RupeesQueen Elizabeths Boys SchoolJAN1619
Weapons of Maths DestructionYarm SchoolSIP1299
WeBuyAnyStock.comDr Challoners Grammar SchoolCP154
welsh-koalasYsgol Gyfun Cwm RhymniJAN1810
WestHeadsHarrytown Catholic High SchoolSIP1567
WhateverFloatsYourBoatMonks Walk SchoolCP222
Whiskey Tango FoxtrotThe Westgate SchoolCP288
Wild CallumKing Edward VII Lower SchoolAIP1242
Wild CatsRead SchoolAIP442
WinvestorSt Mary's SchoolSIP483
Wolf of Barton StreetSt Peter's RC High School and Sixth Form CentreAIP447
Wolves at Wall StreetTiffin SchoolCP52
Wolves From Wall StreetThe Judd SchoolSIP712
Wolves of Shelburne RoadDean Close SchoolAIP302
WTB Box LogoHaberdashers' Aske's School for BoysAIP1138
Xhaka Investments inc.Ashmole AcademySIP1822
XXXXXLThe Magna Carta SchoolJAN2441
Year 11 Globe TrottersMeadows SchoolAIP1116
YEFOYEFOWallington County Grammar SchoolAIP335
YOLAALOYHessle High SchoolCP289
YOLO Investors LtdPrestwick AcademyAIP765
yorkieMaltings AcademyCP42
young money CapitalThe Grammar School at LeedsCP37
Zorba the GreekWarwick SchoolCP274

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