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Strategic Investor League Table – Warwick School: Teams 1 to 12 of 12


IMPORTANT: Have you started trading yet? All teams have to make their first trade by 12.30pm on 31 December at the latest!

Combined Active Investor Strategic Investor

Rank Team School Change Portfolio Value Overall Rank
1Wall Street WanderersWarwick School+0.35%£98,430.93233
2ThreeGWarwick School+0.22%£95,976.55658
3UpliftWarwick School+0.24%£95,344.94823
4Down to Bees KneesWarwick School+1.16%£95,163.24868
5Green StreetWarwick School+0.71%£91,246.781890
6Stocky BrokersWarwick School-0.41%£90,494.422070
7Team AjooWarwick School+0.47%£87,384.462738
8HurrikeynesWarwick School-0.20%£83,579.183337
9Goldman SnacksWarwick School+0.47%£81,788.493558
10Milton Keynes ICWarwick School+0.38%£68,293.284743
11100K and a dreamWarwick School+1.28%£67,759.124816
12Golden SacksWarwick School+0.04%£64,172.685296

Table last updated: 2018-12-11 08:52:03 UTC

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Your team will not appear in any of the league tables until you have started trading in both the Active Investor and Strategic Investor games.

Combined Active Investor Strategic Investor
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