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Combined League Table – Queen Ethelburga's College: Teams 1 to 15 of 15

These are the league tables for Student Investor as a whole, based on combined performance in both the Active Investor game and the Strategic Investor game.


IMPORTANT: Have you started trading yet? All teams have to make their first trade by 12.30pm on 31 December at the latest!

Combined Active Investor Strategic Investor

Rank Team School Change Overall Rank
1Teacher Team Mr C at QEQueen Ethelburga's College3
2Chan & Chui InvestmentsQueen Ethelburga's College15
3Teacher Team Who KnowsQueen Ethelburga's College181
4In process...Queen Ethelburga's College416
5StreetsmanQueen Ethelburga's College596
6Investor SharksQueen Ethelburga's College721
7Teacher Team Fat ChanceQueen Ethelburga's College734
8Save Me MoniesQueen Ethelburga's College1007
9EgocentricQueen Ethelburga's College1213
10Teacher Team Making Up The NumbersQueen Ethelburga's College1621
114 percentQueen Ethelburga's College1823
12DALAOSQueen Ethelburga's College2276
13ElamonovQueen Ethelburga's College3979
14The Con Carne BrothersQueen Ethelburga's College4563
15Team 102Queen Ethelburga's College5225

Table last updated: 2018-12-11 04:36:01 UTC

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Your team will not appear in any of the league tables until you have started trading in both the Active Investor and Strategic Investor games.

Combined Active Investor Strategic Investor
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