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Active Investor League Table – Tadcaster Grammar School: Teams 1 to 25 of 26


IMPORTANT: Have you started trading yet? All teams have to make their first trade by 12.30pm on 31 December at the latest!

Combined Active Investor Strategic Investor

Rank Team School Change Portfolio Value Overall Rank
1Eleanrdurkin1Tadcaster Grammar School-0.00%£100,637.67121
2Financial CrashersTadcaster Grammar School+0.00%£100,475.47134
3Sammys SlavesTadcaster Grammar School-0.00%£98,516.99347
4CassiusFCTadcaster Grammar School+0.00%£96,185.54824
5HTFC InvestorsTadcaster Grammar School+0.00%£96,149.99836
6EverestTadcaster Grammar School+0.00%£95,651.74959
7Chinese KidsTadcaster Grammar School+0.00%£95,325.241042
8The Stock CubesTadcaster Grammar School+0.00%£95,272.661065
9TGSinvestTadcaster Grammar School-0.00%£94,342.771344
10HWE investmentsTadcaster Grammar School-0.00%£93,470.981595
11TGStocksTadcaster Grammar School+0.00%£92,602.441851
12WBMHDCTadcaster Grammar School-0.00%£92,519.801868
13Teacher Team If OnlyTadcaster Grammar School+0.00%£92,228.361951
14The Forntite KidzHDTadcaster Grammar School+0.00%£91,521.022144
15Winner Winner Chicken DinnerTadcaster Grammar School+0.00%£90,582.622400
16Captain KaneTadcaster Grammar School-0.00%£89,257.792672
17Tom’s TradersTadcaster Grammar School+0.00%£88,493.302828
18The bald eaglesTadcaster Grammar School+0.00%£88,312.472873
19Ospina ColadaTadcaster Grammar School-0.00%£87,082.543071
20Benoit's Big BankersTadcaster Grammar School+0.01%£83,909.343524
21TGS MulchTadcaster Grammar School+0.00%£81,001.193827
22League of our ownTadcaster Grammar School+0.00%£78,961.134014
23Business BrosTadcaster Grammar School+0.00%£65,618.504838
24Benoit's Best (MLGO)Tadcaster Grammar School+0.00%£63,035.345071
25FREMO23Tadcaster Grammar School+0.00%£60,673.195329

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Your team will not appear in any of the league tables until you have started trading in both the Active Investor and Strategic Investor games.

Combined Active Investor Strategic Investor
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