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Active Investor League Table – Harrow School: Teams 1 to 25 of 29


IMPORTANT: Have you started trading yet? All teams have to make their first trade by 12.30pm on 31 December at the latest!

Combined Active Investor Strategic Investor

Rank Team School Change Portfolio Value Overall Rank
1TABO TABOHarrow School+0.00%£103,951.1430
2Medium ShortsHarrow School+0.00%£99,658.85201
3Harrow Steadfast CapitalHarrow School+0.00%£94,416.221313
4The Wolf of High StreetHarrow School+0.00%£94,383.411326
5O.W.M. Partners and Co.Harrow School+0.00%£93,957.511466
6Kodak BankHarrow School+0.00%£92,701.141817
7Stratton Co.Harrow School+0.00%£91,027.222280
8The NovicesHarrow School+0.00%£90,779.532354
9Stratton Oakmont Investment CoHarrow School-0.00%£89,730.692580
10headstartHarrow School+0.00%£88,039.132913
11Stocks-R-UsHarrow School+0.00%£86,803.063115
12Team GeographyHarrow School-0.02%£86,063.213223
13Stratton Oakmont 3Harrow School+0.00%£85,565.403293
14The WolvesHarrow School+0.00%£85,324.713330
15BEGJBEGJHarrow School-0.00%£84,379.653467
16NatWestAcreHarrow School-0.00%£83,226.913611
17The Wolves of Wall StreetHarrow School+0.00%£82,752.503659
18Lehman BrothersHarrow School+0.00%£82,578.433678
19Alpaca and CoHarrow School+0.00%£82,025.793738
20Bear CapitalHarrow School+0.00%£81,936.413748
21BCPL investmentsHarrow School-0.02%£81,839.313757
22Stratton Oakmont & CoHarrow School+0.00%£74,956.184319
23Moretons MaraudersHarrow School+0.00%£73,919.334382
24Jeongle FeverHarrow School+0.00%£70,002.934590
25Lyon'sL6Harrow School+0.00%£66,731.234768

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Your team will not appear in any of the league tables until you have started trading in both the Active Investor and Strategic Investor games.

Combined Active Investor Strategic Investor
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