Strategic Investor Results – Altrincham Boys Grammar School: Teams 1 to 25 of 30

Below are the final standings for the first round of the Student Investor Challenge competition. You can also see the latest semi-finals league table or see the list of teams that have qualified for the semi-finals.

Rank Team School Final Portfolio Value Overall Rank
1Mr RagerAltrincham Boys Grammar School£111,661.9838
2MAN LIKE FELLAINIAltrincham Boys Grammar School£109,526.4979
3Slaves for TradeAltrincham Boys Grammar School£107,545.52169
4RV backstabbedAltrincham Boys Grammar School£106,793.92215
5Tax EvadersAltrincham Boys Grammar School£106,421.07240
6Manhattan MillionairesAltrincham Boys Grammar School£104,517.56483
7Yellow TeamAltrincham Boys Grammar School£104,267.27533
8pass the dough-nutsAltrincham Boys Grammar School£103,582.31673
9Teacher Team Agent SmithAltrincham Boys Grammar School£102,643.60879
10TurbanAlbinoAltrincham Boys Grammar School£101,356.761165
11Pritt ArmyAltrincham Boys Grammar School£100,595.051358
12Darts ClubAltrincham Boys Grammar School£99,118.201695
13Aftab's Cash n carryAltrincham Boys Grammar School£98,963.811716
14BARE DOLLAR$Altrincham Boys Grammar School£98,048.851898
15Guerilla TradersAltrincham Boys Grammar School£97,345.422036
16RandomNameGeneratorAltrincham Boys Grammar School£97,070.642072
17Alan's sugarAltrincham Boys Grammar School£96,635.062123
182+2=4-3quickmathsAltrincham Boys Grammar School£95,337.052295
19Boneless Mc MentalAltrincham Boys Grammar School£94,834.042366
20Matt's QuiffAltrincham Boys Grammar School£92,586.052553
21upper classAltrincham Boys Grammar School£91,423.852648
22Bearded BeastsAltrincham Boys Grammar School£89,106.452795
23stonebakedAltrincham Boys Grammar School£75,408.083327
24CommunismAltrincham Boys Grammar School£55,643.294009
25ThlymmAltrincham Boys Grammar School£53,512.244117

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Your team will not appear in any of the league tables until you have started trading in both the Active Investor and Strategic Investor games.