Strategic Investor Results – Queen Elizabeths Boys School: Teams 26 to 48 of 48

Below are the final standings for the first round of the Student Investor Challenge competition. You can also see the latest semi-finals league table or see the list of teams that have qualified for the semi-finals.

Rank Team School Final Portfolio Value Overall Rank
26The ProphetsQueen Elizabeths Boys School£100,212.481447
27Lil BlinQueen Elizabeths Boys School£99,778.511545
28Titanic LLCQueen Elizabeths Boys School£99,741.791554
29Team KappaQueen Elizabeths Boys School£96,805.502102
30InvestalotQueen Elizabeths Boys School£95,726.012238
31InvestanomicsQueen Elizabeths Boys School£94,465.832403
32Juan's StackzQueen Elizabeths Boys School£90,740.002701
33Value PLCQueen Elizabeths Boys School£89,901.082750
34TheBankofEthiopiaQueen Elizabeths Boys School£89,724.992760
35Five GuysQueen Elizabeths Boys School£89,327.482785
36Game of Loans QEQueen Elizabeths Boys School£89,099.432796
37KRIB17Queen Elizabeths Boys School£85,597.022967
38QE CartelQueen Elizabeths Boys School£85,516.872972
39The StockfixersQueen Elizabeths Boys School£75,346.713329
40Team EmeraldQueen Elizabeths Boys School£75,318.413332
41Wolfs of Wall StreetQueen Elizabeths Boys School£72,478.923402
42The Capital MultipliersQueen Elizabeths Boys School£71,518.853434
43The EconomistsQueen Elizabeths Boys School£60,407.533808
44DUARF17Queen Elizabeths Boys School£58,027.213890
45AnimatrixQueen Elizabeths Boys School£51,735.444227
46Broke BrokersQueen Elizabeths Boys School£43,753.144664
47Wolves of Wall Street!Queen Elizabeths Boys School£43,571.974671
48Penta XQueen Elizabeths Boys School£43,442.254678

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Your team will not appear in any of the league tables until you have started trading in both the Active Investor and Strategic Investor games.