Active Investor Results – Wilson's School: Teams 1 to 25 of 29

Below are the final standings for the first round of the Student Investor Challenge competition. You can also see the latest semi-finals league table or see the list of teams that have qualified for the semi-finals.

Rank Team School Final Portfolio Value Overall Rank
1Group2Wilson's School£107,201.25207
2Warning Mode_ONWilson's School£104,308.28575
3StockComWilson's School£102,766.64907
4PossibilityWilson's School£102,287.461037
5I'm WaitingWilson's School£102,255.691044
6Lawton's Li$$ardzWilson's School£101,416.161259
7Keshoo SquadWilson's School£100,954.671416
8SupremeWilson's School£100,525.801545
9Special Products Ltd.Wilson's School£98,103.212233
10Wecouldn'tthinkofoneWilson's School£97,981.642258
11Group5Wilson's School£97,823.172293
12OllyBottlesPlasticSquadronWilson's School£97,735.302316
13Group7Wilson's School£97,218.162406
14IndianJaguarsWilson's School£96,993.442462
15Group6Wilson's School£96,706.282523
16The First CometWilson's School£96,589.052548
17VolatileWilson's School£96,128.422636
18ProfiteroleWilson's School£95,523.262742
19Group3Wilson's School£94,895.332843
20Group4Wilson's School£94,155.232937
21Salty SaltWilson's School£93,079.693066
22Bengali TigersWilson's School£92,622.333097
23M.A.D.SWilson's School£88,321.243403
24GrafterBoyzWilson's School£86,080.003509
25StunningWilson's School£85,483.483543

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Your team will not appear in any of the league tables until you have started trading in both the Active Investor and Strategic Investor games.