Active Investor Results – The Priory LSST: Teams 1 to 19 of 19

Below are the final standings for the first round of the Student Investor Challenge competition. You can also see the latest semi-finals league table or see the list of teams that have qualified for the semi-finals.

Rank Team School Final Portfolio Value Overall Rank
1Claude’s CauseThe Priory LSST£106,621.47260
2iMCJAGThe Priory LSST£104,954.76475
3Thumma LoyalThe Priory LSST£104,846.87493
4Bit PleaseThe Priory LSST£100,916.461427
5Stock 'Til You DropThe Priory LSST£100,469.991561
6Not a KalouThe Priory LSST£100,245.241626
7The Priory TradersThe Priory LSST£96,991.082464
8Tom F Fan ClubThe Priory LSST£96,580.222550
9The MonarchistsThe Priory LSST£95,921.722665
10Big Shaq Kwik StocksThe Priory LSST£90,529.053260
11Team AlphaThe Priory LSST£90,267.633283
12Lock, Stock & 2 Smokin BarrelsThe Priory LSST£89,639.573342
13Stocks firedThe Priory LSST£72,243.343940
14Operation BarbarossaThe Priory LSST£70,671.113979
15Gym LadsThe Priory LSST£70,333.433985
16TOP GAFSThe Priory LSST£52,798.734466
17NoSoapRadioThe Priory LSST£47,587.284620
18Strictly High GradeThe Priory LSST£45,701.324681
19NoLimitThe Priory LSST£39,441.774829

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Your team will not appear in any of the league tables until you have started trading in both the Active Investor and Strategic Investor games.