Active Investor League Table – Farlingaye High School: Teams 1 to 14 of 14


IMPORTANT: Round One of the Student Investor Challenge ends at 4:30pm on 26 January 2018!

Rank Team School Change Portfolio Value Overall Rank
1shelf on the elfFarlingaye High School-0.35%£108,494.94125
2NFCATTFarlingaye High School+0.19%£104,375.54512
3Grime to ShineFarlingaye High School-0.03%£104,207.79554
4Stock and aweFarlingaye High School-0.10%£102,928.93849
5Farlingaye BoysFarlingaye High School-0.73%£102,489.68969
6Universally ChallengedFarlingaye High School-0.06%£101,375.431300
7Teacher Team InquizitiveFarlingaye High School-0.44%£98,106.702278
8ALC123Farlingaye High School-0.46%£97,126.472522
9DMMN17Farlingaye High School-0.47%£97,034.232540
10The wolves of ransom roadFarlingaye High School-0.65%£96,924.332567
11J.I.E.A17Farlingaye High School-0.42%£95,150.112869
12BREXIT BulldogsFarlingaye High School-0.21%£94,857.642915
13JJTO InvestmentsFarlingaye High School-0.29%£88,816.213444
14Farlingaye Investor TeamFarlingaye High School-0.77%£86,797.573554

Table last updated: 2018-01-18 13:52:01 UTC

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Your team will not appear in any of the league tables until you have started trading in both the Active Investor and Strategic Investor games.