Active Investor League Table – Merchant Taylors' School: Teams 1 to 19 of 19


IMPORTANT: Round One of the Student Investor Challenge ends at 4:30pm on 26 January 2018!

Rank Team School Change Portfolio Value Overall Rank
1Spork123Merchant Taylors' School-0.00%£112,793.7339
2RKMD123Merchant Taylors' School-0.00%£112,365.9945
3Reck123Merchant Taylors' School-0.00%£106,183.75315
4APEX123Merchant Taylors' School+0.00%£103,785.05691
5StratinvestMerchant Taylors' School+0.00%£103,485.84764
6CITIZENMerchant Taylors' School+0.00%£102,156.681108
7Risky Business 123Merchant Taylors' School+0.00%£101,111.431423
8Stocks & SquaresMerchant Taylors' School+0.00%£100,336.291673
9Wedge FundMerchant Taylors' School+0.00%£98,026.012310
10QCC123Merchant Taylors' School+0.00%£97,429.312442
11Bulls and BearsMerchant Taylors' School-0.00%£96,062.792718
12Something Less SuspiciousMerchant Taylors' School+0.00%£96,036.402721
13MarketInMerchant Taylors' School+0.00%£95,805.552773
14SuncreekMerchant Taylors' School+0.00%£95,418.872835
15Read Highlight AnnotateMerchant Taylors' School-0.00%£90,113.733331
16InStockMerchant Taylors' School+0.00%£89,591.913362
17Market MaestrosMerchant Taylors' School+0.00%£88,788.073419
18Fifty FiftyMerchant Taylors' School+0.00%£85,524.393581
19KASHMONEYMerchant Taylors' School+0.00%£57,146.784415

Table last updated: 2018-01-23 07:52:02 UTC

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Your team will not appear in any of the league tables until you have started trading in both the Active Investor and Strategic Investor games.