Active Investor League Table – Ballyclare High School: Teams 1 to 25 of 44


IMPORTANT: Round One of the Student Investor Challenge ends at 4:30pm on 26 January 2018!

Rank Team School Change Portfolio Value Overall Rank
1Waldron's WarriorsBallyclare High School+0.39%£108,784.52129
2Teacher Team LMOK EnterprisesBallyclare High School+0.13%£106,944.25258
3Teacher Team The Fantastic 4 LtdBallyclare High School+0.57%£105,572.87417
4MystiqueBallyclare High School+0.10%£105,238.81457
5bectec ltdBallyclare High School+0.62%£105,112.52477
6Teacher Team Reece R UsBallyclare High School+0.92%£103,646.20798
7Teacher Team Lectec LtdBallyclare High School+0.08%£103,625.07809
8Teacher Team Koens CoBallyclare High School+0.64%£103,614.46813
9sharebears1Ballyclare High School+0.75%£103,374.85864
10MargheritaBallyclare High School+0.43%£102,819.831005
11That's_GoodBallyclare High School+0.49%£102,495.351100
12FC Ross' JointBallyclare High School-0.00%£102,179.821204
13SEER17Ballyclare High School+0.84%£102,025.181255
14The 3 MouseketeersBallyclare High School-0.06%£101,717.211344
15Wonder WomenBallyclare High School+0.38%£101,714.691346
16MGBAandsonsBallyclare High School-0.34%£101,501.041425
17MK EliteBallyclare High School+0.19%£100,990.781577
18Elite EntrepreneursBallyclare High School+0.56%£100,342.351770
19McKeeFCBallyclare High School+0.40%£100,333.291774
20ATLJ plcBallyclare High School+1.22%£99,852.141910
21Mini DisneyBallyclare High School-0.47%£99,266.102081
22Xing Xang IndustriesBallyclare High School+0.62%£99,149.162123
23JJO EnterprisesBallyclare High School+0.09%£98,976.802174
24PORA plcBallyclare High School-0.10%£97,338.722555
25wall sreet crashBallyclare High School+0.68%£97,198.922584

Table last updated: 2018-01-19 11:22:01 UTC

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