Active Investor Practice Game League Table:
Teams 1 to 25 of 1193

Here are the league tables for the Active Investor practice game. When the Student Investor Challenge starts for real on 17 October 2016 everyone's portfolio will be reset and everyone will start on a new, level playing field, so do not despair if you're not doing too well!

Rank Team School Change Portfolio Value
1Tcupz3Howard of Effingham School-0.86%£105,018.04
2Refined PractitionersThe Refined School-2.03%£104,680.13
3Teacher Team Joshua ReevesAlton College-0.19%£103,570.57
4boomadaggonBolsover School+0.53%£103,091.69
5Hargreave LadsdownCongleton High School0.00%£103,038.83
6The 419ersNorthampton Academy+1.23%£102,833.68
7The Vito VansCrispin School-0.08%£102,792.27
8Next StepKingsmead Community School+0.14%£102,785.83
9dragonsJames Gillespie's High School+1.29%£102,693.80
10e-LEMON-atorsGumley House RC Convent School, FCJ-0.18%£102,679.24
11LCC EnterpriseWest Calder High School-0.32%£102,656.07
12Finance Directors + RonanCity of London School-0.22%£102,644.44
13MCcorporationNexus International School-0.03%£102,615.14
14TEAMMULLADe La Salle School-0.28%£102,593.00
15MarkamBeauchamps High School-0.93%£102,540.57
16Bishops Barmy ArmyBishop Wordsworth's Grammar School-1.05%£102,540.17
17The Alan SugarbabesThe Crossley Heath School+0.09%£102,537.32
18Blue42Uppingham Community College-0.43%£102,513.33
19ENGA10Crispin School+0.02%£102,503.54
20CreativeDestructionBaxter Business & Enterprise College-0.09%£102,502.42
213girls 1boyBurford School+0.02%£102,442.87
22InvexitSt Dunstan's College+0.48%£102,440.55
23IT CrowdLipson Cooperative Academy+0.11%£102,399.96
24Teacher Team All About JackFranklin College+0.38%£102,376.01
25B.0.T.S.Frensham Heights School+0.05%£102,343.15

Table last updated: 2016-09-30 14:51:57 UTC

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Your team will not appear in the league tables until you start trading.