Practice Game League Table: Teams 1 to 25 of 25

Here are the league tables for the practice game. When the ifs Student Investor Challenge starts for real on 13 October 2014 everyone's portfolio will be reset and everyone will start on a new, level playing field, so do not despair if you're not doing too well!

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Table last updated: 2014-09-16 13:21:57 UTC

Rank Team School Region Eligible for Prizes?* Change Portfolio Value
1Teacher Team Help me please!Moreton Hall SchoolNorth Wales and the English MidlandsNo+0.00%£99,983.72
2Mini SharersWymondham CollegeNorth Wales and the English MidlandsNo+0.00%£99,905.54
3Innovative MindsElthorne Park High SchoolSouth East EnglandNo+0.00%£99,850.76
4Teacher Team BaxterBusinessDeptBaxter CollegeNorth Wales and the English MidlandsNo+0.00%£99,840.50
5Miracle workersElthorne Park High SchoolSouth East EnglandNo+0.00%£99,836.72
6Master of the Arubicon'sElthorne Park High SchoolSouth East EnglandNo+0.00%£99,831.51
7lack of interestThe Priory SchoolSouth East EnglandNo+0.00%£99,823.18
8jargon_faxElthorne Park High SchoolSouth East EnglandNo+0.00%£99,765.55
9Teacher Team Chicken TikkaSouth Wirral High SchoolNorth Wales and the English MidlandsNo+0.00%£99,749.64
10Teacher Team Del Boy TraderHill House SchoolScotland, Northern Ireland and North EnglandNo+0.00%£99,746.41
11The PlumbersElthorne Park High SchoolSouth East EnglandNo+0.00%£99,732.75
12Teacher Team Mash'AllaahBrondesbury College for BoysSouth East EnglandNo+0.00%£99,718.15
13Asian PersuasionThe Priory SchoolSouth East EnglandYes+0.00%£99,644.59
14West L InvestorsElthorne Park High SchoolSouth East EnglandNo+0.00%£99,642.45
15BaxterBossesBaxter CollegeNorth Wales and the English MidlandsNo+0.00%£99,597.84
16Teacher Team wooden horseStamford Endowed SchoolsNorth Wales and the English MidlandsNo+0.00%£99,555.63
17Teacher Team Bignell's MillionsElthorne Park High SchoolSouth East EnglandNo+0.00%£99,501.19
18Teacher Team Refined PractitionersThe Refined SchoolSouth East EnglandYes but No-0.53%£99,472.78
19No Funny BusinessThe Priory SchoolSouth East EnglandYes+0.00%£99,349.82
20Money 300Elthorne Park High SchoolSouth East EnglandNo+0.00%£99,272.43
21The ProfiteersThe Priory SchoolSouth East EnglandYes+0.00%£99,231.46
22 The GuruThe Guru and The Monkeyifs University CollegeYes-0.79%£99,207.00
23 The MonkeyThe Guru and The Monkeyifs University CollegeYes-0.80%£99,196.47
24Guy & CoCastle Douglas High SchoolScotland, Northern Ireland and North EnglandNo+0.00%£99,120.33
25CapacityThe Priory SchoolSouth East EnglandNo+0.00%£99,105.96

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* Teams are only eligible for prizes if they are currently conforming to all of the rules.