Practice Game League Table: Teams 1 to 25 of 2201

Here are the league tables for the practice game. When the ifs Student Investor Challenge starts for real on 13 October 2014 everyone's portfolio will be reset and everyone will start on a new, level playing field, so do not despair if you're not doing too well!

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Table last updated: 2014-10-02 16:22:00 UTC

Rank Team School Region Eligible for Prizes?* Change Portfolio Value
1The Original WolfNene Park AcademyNorth Wales and the English MidlandsNo-0.34%£101,442.64
2Blue BanksAbbey CollegeNorth Wales and the English MidlandsNo-0.05%£101,278.26
3highlightersAbbey CollegeNorth Wales and the English MidlandsNo-0.06%£101,267.82
4Teacher Team Oliver's ArmyChesterton Community CollegeSouth East EnglandNo-0.02%£101,116.93
5VBRIGHTLTDUniversity of Chester Academy NorthwichNorth Wales and the English MidlandsNo-0.07%£101,032.20
6Like a Breeze InvestmentsChelmer Valley High SchoolSouth East EnglandNo+0.01%£100,932.81
7Yaga LtdElthorne Park High SchoolSouth East EnglandNo-0.12%£100,825.40
8The AsamisAbbey CollegeNorth Wales and the English MidlandsNo-0.18%£100,807.99
9KPlus1British International School HCMCInternational schoolsNo-0.13%£100,796.91
10VoppieHoward of Effingham SchoolSouth East EnglandNo-0.04%£100,787.62
11Xtreme TeamElthorne Park High SchoolSouth East EnglandNo-0.16%£100,774.30
12The Wolves of What Street?Richard Huish CollegeSouth West England and South WalesNo-0.04%£100,754.71
13Teacher Team ClairesquaredSt Mary Magdalene AcademySouth East EnglandNo-0.27%£100,695.88
14The Business BeesFyling Hall SchoolScotland, Northern Ireland and North EnglandNo-0.18%£100,691.80
15Channel 4 News TeamThe Skinners' SchoolSouth East EnglandNo-0.23%£100,648.00
16Withdrawal SymptomsMalmesbury AcademySouth West England and South WalesNo-0.08%£100,597.15
17BaebladesSt Augustine's Catholic CollegeSouth West England and South WalesNo-0.27%£100,571.59
18Leicesters InvestorsRushey Mead SchoolNorth Wales and the English MidlandsNo-0.14%£100,496.15
19West Acre1Harrow SchoolSouth East EnglandNo-0.28%£100,492.38
20Ludes1Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar SchoolSouth East EnglandNo-0.01%£100,482.98
21Nuzzle & Scratch LtdThe Cheltenham Ladies' CollegeSouth West England and South WalesNo-0.14%£100,419.65
22DragonessGreenshaw High SchoolSouth East EnglandNo-0.02%£100,407.40
23Lv426 TradingChelmer Valley High SchoolSouth East EnglandNo-0.02%£100,404.63
24Teacher Team Mr Crewes - InvestmentsQueen Ethelburga's CollegeScotland, Northern Ireland and North EnglandNo-0.26%£100,285.92
25emixoxMaltings AcademySouth East EnglandNo-0.05%£100,260.73

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* Teams are only eligible for prizes if they are currently conforming to all of the rules.