The Monkey thinks you should take a look at this book! A doorway leads you back outside. Looks like this heads into the trading room... Guru smiles at you and says:

Welcome to my Library!

Here we have all sorts of things to help you run the game. Check out all our student and teacher resources.

What's going on?

To play the ifs Student Investor Challenge you will have to speak to the people you find along the way. You will also have to use some of the objects you find. For example, the Monkey's bookshelf on the left gives you access to a selection of teacher's resources.

The things you can interact with will reveal themselves as you hover over them with the mouse or tab through with the keyboard. To talk to people and use objects simply click on them with your mouse or keyboard. The more people you talk to, the more you will find out about the game, and the better chance you will have of winning!

Good luck!