Your first stop for help should normally be here, followed by your teacher. If you still have not got an answer to your question, please contact us

  • How am I meant to understand all this financial jargon?
    Throughout the competition we use a lot of financial terminology. Where a more unusual term appears, you should be able to find out more about it by holding the cursor over the term. For a more detailed explanation, each unusual term is linked to our glossary - just follow the link to read more!
  • How do I register for the Student Investor Challenge?
    To take part in the competition, you will need to have a team of 4 students. To register a team you need to be a teacher, and you will need a Teacher Reference Number. Teacher Reference Numbers will be sent to schools in early September 2017. Registration opens at 9am on 4 September 2017 and closes at midnight on 17 November 2017. Once registration is open teachers who have not already received one can also request a Teacher Reference Number from this website.
  • When does the competition run?
    The first phase of the challenge opens for trading at 9am on 23 October 2017 and closes at 4.30pm on 26 January 2018. After this the best performing teams will be invited to take part in the online semi-finals from 19 February to 16 March 2018 with the live final being held in late April/early May 2018. Teams can also participate in a practice game which runs from 9am on 18 September 2017 until 4.30pm on 20 October 2017.
  • How do I change details about my team?
    Once you have registered you can edit most of your team's details at any time.
  • Who is running the game?
    The game is run by The London Institute of Banking & Finance, a registered charity incorporated by Royal Charter. It is currently the only organisation providing specialist qualifications in personal finance to 14-19 year olds.
  • TEACHERS: Are there any teaching materials available?
    Yes – more information on the competition and a range of teacher's resources can be found here.