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ifs Student Investor Challenge 2013/14

THE RESULTS ARE IN! The final standings for the online part of the challenge have been calculated – how did you do?

You can see the full list of regional finalists here, or check out everyone's final standings in the online phase of the game here.

The ifs Student Investor Challenge is the UK's premier investment competition with over 100,000 students from 2,500 schools benefiting from the experience in previous years. There are a whole host of prizes available, including a trip to New York!

Have you got the skill to invest £100,000 in a winning portfolio?

The competition involves teams investing £100,000 of virtual money in the stock market. Students need to keep portfolios healthy by reading and forecasting market information provided online to identify shares and make judgements of when to buy and sell in order to make a profit. More information can be found in the teacher and student guides here.

Regional Final Details

The dates of this year's regional finals are:

  • South East England: London - Monday 10 March 2014
  • South West England and South Wales: Bristol - Wednesday 12 March 2014
  • Scotland, Northern Ireland and North England: Leeds - Tuesday 18 March 2014
  • North Wales and the English Midlands: Birmingham - Wednesday 19 March 2014

Full location details »

Resources for teachers

The competition is straightforward, not time-consuming and can be completed entirely outside of lesson times. We have provided some student guides and teacher's notes to get you started here. You can also request materials to help promote the challenge at your school.

When can I play?

Trading runs from 4 November 2013 to 31 January 2014 after which the top teams go head-to-head in the live regional finals.

January prize winner

Congratulations to 'bullshifters' from St Paul's School who had January's best performing portfolio.

The wildcard draw entrants for January were:

  • '#Top2%' from The Manchester Grammar School
  • 'Transatlantic Trading Company' from King Edward VI Camp Hill
  • 'GOLK Traders' from Devonport High School
  • 'bullshifters' from St Paul's, London

Wildcard Winners

The winners of the wildcard draw, each gaining a place in the regional finals are:

  • 'Yolo Ltd' from Kirkby Stephen Grammar
  • 'Keith & Co.' from Bromsgrove School
  • 'GOLK Traders' from Devonport High School
  • 'Wet Weather Finances' from Eton College

Register your interest

Registration is now closed for this years ifs Student Investor Challenge! Register your interest and we will contact you when the competition opens in September 2014.


"The ifs Student Investor Challenge has been a marvellous experience for the RGS Guildford. The share trading competition allowed the boys to learn a great deal about how the stock market works, as well as being great fun. The team were rewarded for their professionalism, learning more from their stock picking disasters than from their successes."

David Wright, tutor of 'Flash Crash Algos', the winning team of the 2012/13 challenge.

For more teacher testimonials visit ifs University College.